Tagxedo vs. Wordle Word Clouds   Leave a comment

Have you seen the fabulous word clouds that you can build on websites like Wordle and Tagxedo???
If you have then you know how cool they can be. I would like to tell you my opinion of these two sites.

I started using wordle and loved it, but it was hard to get the word cloud from wordle into a blog, power point, etc. or to print. They were cool and they had lots of options for color and style, but you had to take a screen shot of the wordle in order to work with it in other places.

Then I came across Tagxedo. SO MUCH BETTER! WHY? Couple of reasons.

# 1 – You can save your tagxedo word cloud as a jpeg from the website, wordle you can not.
# 2 – You can put URL’s of websites in the creator and have a website word cloud built.
# 3 – You can pick faces, animals, shapes, and build your word cloud in a heart for example. SO COOL! Wordle cannot do that either.

Butterfly Tagxedo


Posted February 3, 2011 by brentcatlett in Education, Technology

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