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Hello Family, Friends, and Colleagues.

After some careful consideration, and long nights of thought I have decided to RETIRE “” email. Not because
I am no longer a “teacher” or something crazy, but because it’s time. Yes, this email has followed me from my days at Creighton and was
my very 1st email, so this break-up hasn’t been easy for me to pull the plug on. She has treated me well up to this point, but the internet world
is changing and I must keep up and I feel this is the best move for me at this time in order to achieve my goals.

I know how annoying this may be to go in and update your contact list, but nearly half of you on this email I know I have had to update
my contacts for you, so I would surely appreciate the favor back in return as you take moments of your life to point, click, copy, paste, type, and update.

Make no mistake I am totally worth it! jk

I thought it would be nice to actually write you a message here instead of simply just giving you the email because some of you
have done that to me. So I hope all is well with you.
Life with me is FABULOUS! I have an AMAZING supportive boss! My colleagues are AWESOME! My family is growing and great! and I continue
to grow as a person, professional, parent, husband, brother, uncle, brother-in-law, coach, son, godfather, son-in-law, and instructional technology teacher.

I hope to hear from you soon on my new EMAIL!!

So without further ado, here is my new email that I would love for you to send me some love on:

P.S. I hope you receive this because I have had nothing but trouble with this email system the past week.

P.S.S. Are you on Twitter? Follow me if you are @catlett1

P.S.S.S Most of this email was designed to be funny, so hopefully you chuckled at least

(adios “” . . . it’s been real)

off to google and the GMAIL world . . . .


Posted February 24, 2011 by brentcatlett in Education, Technology

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