Twitter? Should we use it?   1 comment

I would like to pose the question of Twitter?  Should we use it?

My answer is we should all be using TWITTER!!

Quick background, I am fairly new to twitter.  I used to think of it as Celebrities using it to promote themselves and posting ridiculous things about where they were and what they were doing.  I never realized the power of connecting with fellow educators and establishing a PLN!

Currently, I am an Instructional Technology Trainer for a Public School District in Nebraska and in my district TWITTER.COM is BLOCKED!  My fellow colleague @techiefeldie and I decided after embarking into the Twitter world (that she showed me upon learning at ISTE) and realizing the power of it that we had to bring it to the teachers of our district.  So we put together a plan to have an on-line class so they could do it from home.

With wonderful support from our Superintendent and boss we launched the class to 40 teachers at the beginning of March.  As class has continued this month we have been excited to see the interaction and collaboration with these 40 people and all I can think about is why don’t all of the teachers of our district use Twitter!?!?!

In my dream world, every teacher, principal, main office employee, and anyone else in between would have a Twitter account.  The true collaboration that could take place would be instantaneous and connecting.  A 4th grade teacher could throw a question out there and immediately have feedback from all over the district.  Principal’s could poll teachers quickly and easily, or they could disseminate information to their staff.

Imagine the possibilities.  A truely connected and collaborative environment in a district via Twitter.  I could go on and on about the endless uses of Twitter in my district.

then my man Nelly sings . . .  “I realized it was only JUST A DREAM”. . . . .

maybe my dream could come true


Posted March 17, 2011 by brentcatlett in Education, Technology, Web 2.0

One response to “Twitter? Should we use it?

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  1. I can remember a time when you gave me a little heck for using Twitter. Glad to see you are using it to your advantage now – especially since you are a technology teacher. 🙂


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