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This past Saturday (March 26, 2011) I attended EDCAMPOMAHA at UNO in the Alumni Center!  One of the things about edcamp is that it is FREE!!  So that was fabulous, my district didn’t have to pay a dime for me to attend and neither did I.  Although, like my Twitter friend @Matt_Gomez from Plano, TX who was in attendance, after we attended the 1st session called, “APP MANIA” together we were both about to spend $15 on featured Apps for our iPads!

Ok, so EdCampOmaha was organized by my other Twitter friend @j_allen!  Many other great Twitter friends attended the edcamp and many different states were represented at the camp!  I was immediately blown away by the whole thing!  I was so excited to meet some of my Twitter friends in person so I attended the Tweet-up on Friday night and had a chance to meet some and then of course on Saturday at the conference.

I am still wrestling with whether or not this was the best conference I ever attended.  The environment was immediately laid-back and I could tell I was in a different place that I was going to enjoy.  There were no vendors, no team of people walking around in the same colored shirts.  I’ve always attended NETA and will again this year.  NETA is a whole nother beast.  To truly understand EdCampOmaha one must have been there.  My PLN grew exponentially and I had the chance to meet, collaborate, and learn from so many AMAZING educators from the Midwest.

Here are some Twitter friends I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing and learning with:  @shannonmmiller @michellek107 @BarbInNebraska @mrbadura @mhuskerfan @mrmanteacher @bgoeman @mattiejg @jerrodkruse @lfeld52 @russgoerend @teresa_casart @afitzgerald @kylepace @johnccarver @smileyomahan @usamimi74 @Mrskmpeters to name a few. . .

EdCampOmaha was so cool because people could present if they wanted to, or they could hang back and listen and learn.  Either way you were bound to collaborate and engage in conversations with other passionate educators that was sure to have you thinking and taking notes to bring back to your home district and school.  Is was very cool!  Very Fun!  And very rewarding!  So glad I attended!  Thank you Josh Allen.  Great job!!


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  1. Thanks for your comments! We are introducing a conversation strand at NETA which is based off the EdCamp model. Everyone is welcome to try it out!
    Thanks again for all of your contributions to making edcamp successful!

  2. Brent,

    It was so great to meet you… I , too really love the edcamp format.. Guaranteed to touch “what’s in”, because the sessions are not planned 6 months ahead of time.
    And how about some meaningful conversations???
    Or like you mentioned, finally meeting F2F people with whom we interact on a daily basis…
    Glad to count you among my PLN… Hope to catch u again.. on Twitter, or #edcampKC in November… I’ll drive this time…LOL

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