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"The Racecar . . ."

Picture me rollin’ in this bad boy out of some parking lot where my wife and I had met this gal at a pizza joint via Craigslist on a nice Sunday evening to see about buying this car.  She was listed at $900 on CL.  I was out to buy something for less than $1000 for my new job of Instructional Technology Trainer for my district because I was going to be traveling all around the district from school to school and my BIG HEMI full size Dodge Ram 1500 wasn’t going to cut it with the way gas prices are!  I needed a little gas saver car.

So our journey led us to this Honda.  1993 Accord.  This “RACECAR” as I affectionately like to call her now.  That’s right, it’s a she.  She is somethin’ else.  When I test drove it the 1st time it had no muffler and sounded like a stock car so that is where her nickname came from.  In fact, my wife wouldn’t even get out of our other car to test drive it with me and I remember her laughing at me as I drove off in it.

So the test drive went well.  It rattled, it creaked, it leaked oil, there was rust all over it,  it had 253,000 miles on it, and it roared like a stockcar!  So I bought it!  I offered them $700 and they took it.  I bought it that evening and drove it home.  That was in July.  My new job started in August with the new school year.  I needed something and I needed it quick!

Now here is where my story gets better!  So a couple months into the job I was heading from one school to another and I decided to stop at a gas station to grab a pop and snack.  I pull up in front  and park in one of the stalls.  I go in and get my pop and snack.  As I am in line to pay in walks a gal dressed very sharply.  She walks in and grabs a drink out of the cooler and gets in line behind me.  I walk out and she isn’t far behind.  I walk around my $700 Honda and open the door to get in.  She walks around her HUMMER H2 parked next to me and gets in.  I fire up the RACECAR and back up and drive off.

I remember thinking, “now this is funny”.

Why is it that people feel the need to fill their lives with material things?  I had to laugh that day as I drove away in my $700 1993 Honda and she drove off in her very expensive Hummer H2.  Do you think she judged me when she saw my car?  Would you judge me for my car?  I remember thinking what a GAS HOG that vehicle must be?  Why not buy the ridiculous Hummer H2 that epitomizes the overspending and gluttony of our society.

I drive my RACECAR with Pride.  I don’t need a brand new Hummer H2 to feel like I’m important or worthy of looks.  People are so messed up in what is important to them.  I am not by any means singling this one gal out individually, but moreover I am questioning all of us, myself included.  As I reflect on what is important to me it has become more and more simple as I have grown to my current 35th year of life.

It’s family, it’s my son, it’s my daughter, it’s my wife, it’s my future baby coming in October, it’s my parents, brother, sister, nieces, nephews, in-laws, and cousins.  It’s all them, it’s not the material things I have or accumulate.  It’s the relationships with those people and the people I come in contact with.

Simple as that.  Maybe you should by a RACECAR!?!?!


Posted April 10, 2011 by brentcatlett in Education, Parenting

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  1. Love it, Brent!

    I was reflecting on many of the same things when I wrote my ‘success’ post last week. We have become such a materialistic society- to the point of being ridiculous, sad, and pathetic, I think. I’ll bet your racecar gets some awesome gas mileage! 😉

  2. Great job! I have to get one of those cars! =)

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