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This is my office / classroom I share w/ @techiefeldie & @omahaparky

Here is our library / media center ran by the Great @pmaas3

Lewis & Clark Middle School logo! Home of the Scouts!

Here is a view of the Track & Football field!

Here is a view of the back of school.

Lunch hour in the cafeteria.

One of our computer labs.

View of front of school. Were located in Bellevue, Nebraska. (Home of Offutt Air Force Base)

Our fearless leader. Principal Dr. Smith in his office.

Oopps! My son made it in here! He was jammin out! Ha!

Inspired by Cale Birk (@birklearns) here is my 10 Picture tour of my school.  If you want to try this you should.  Here are Cale’s ideas on what to do:

5 Easy Steps How to make a “10 picture Tour”…
1) Use a cellphone camera, then you won’t have to pack/find another electronic gizmo

2) Take 10 minutes. That’s it.  Then you won’t find a reason not to do it.  And it won’t be too “staged”.  And you won’t take a 100 pictures and spend hours going through them (I took 14, and two of the ones I scrapped had my thumbs in them–new Blackberry–and the other two had refe

3) Take pictures around your school that you think showcase some pretty cool things.  They don’t just have to be of kids learning, we believe you when you say they are…

4) Put them into a blog post with basic captions so we know what we are looking at.

5) Put it as a link on your blog page, so that when we come and visit, we know that when we see a link called “10 Picture Tour” we will learn a little bit about what your learning environment looks like.


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