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White or Black?


Ok, ipad2 is coming 3-11-11!!  She sure is beautiful!!  Yesterday Steve Jobs came out and spoke at a kickoff media event extravaganza!  Twitter land was swarmed with #apple and all my Twitter friends were a buzz.  As a user of the original ipad (thanks to my fabulous job & district) I couldn’t help but think how cool the new ipad2 will be because of its new capabilities.  Furthermore, as a father of a 4 1/2 yr old and an 8 month old I was thinking how the ipad has already affected my home and watching my young son navigate it like “it ain’t no thang but a chicken wing” I am constantly torn with the idea of what the future holds for kids in school with technology and particularly my young children.

I wonder what would happen if my Twitter friend @Matt_Gomez down in Texas was given a class set of ipad2’s to use with his Kindergarten students?  How awesome would that be?  All I can say is I would want my son in his class come next year when he starts Kindergarten.  I guarantee you @Matt_Gomez would move mountains if given the keys!  Can you imagine?

So perhaps the question “Isn’t she Beautiful?” should really be “Should I get White or Black?”.


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Changing Email   Leave a comment

Hello Family, Friends, and Colleagues.

After some careful consideration, and long nights of thought I have decided to RETIRE “” email. Not because
I am no longer a “teacher” or something crazy, but because it’s time. Yes, this email has followed me from my days at Creighton and was
my very 1st email, so this break-up hasn’t been easy for me to pull the plug on. She has treated me well up to this point, but the internet world
is changing and I must keep up and I feel this is the best move for me at this time in order to achieve my goals.

I know how annoying this may be to go in and update your contact list, but nearly half of you on this email I know I have had to update
my contacts for you, so I would surely appreciate the favor back in return as you take moments of your life to point, click, copy, paste, type, and update.

Make no mistake I am totally worth it! jk

I thought it would be nice to actually write you a message here instead of simply just giving you the email because some of you
have done that to me. So I hope all is well with you.
Life with me is FABULOUS! I have an AMAZING supportive boss! My colleagues are AWESOME! My family is growing and great! and I continue
to grow as a person, professional, parent, husband, brother, uncle, brother-in-law, coach, son, godfather, son-in-law, and instructional technology teacher.

I hope to hear from you soon on my new EMAIL!!

So without further ado, here is my new email that I would love for you to send me some love on:

P.S. I hope you receive this because I have had nothing but trouble with this email system the past week.

P.S.S. Are you on Twitter? Follow me if you are @catlett1

P.S.S.S Most of this email was designed to be funny, so hopefully you chuckled at least

(adios “” . . . it’s been real)

off to google and the GMAIL world . . . .

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Students having fun!!   Leave a comment

I love this video! I laughed out loud watching this!!

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I continue to be amazed at how much I can learn. The twitter PLN is fabulous! You don’t have to do anything but read and you are guaranteed to learn something!

This video tutorial is great for beginners!  Check it out!

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Kidblog for your classroom   Leave a comment





I work with many different age levels from K-12th grade and I am familiar with and have enjoyed using with students and teachers alike.

Some of the things that I really like about it are:

1.  It does not have any advertising with it or on any of its pages.

2.  The teacher can set the parameters of privacy.

3.  The teacher can set the post and comments to come through them first for approval.

4.  The teacher can edit post and comments if needed.

5.  It is very easy to set up.

5.  It is very easy to insert pictures and other media.

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Have you seen the fabulous word clouds that you can build on websites like Wordle and Tagxedo???
If you have then you know how cool they can be. I would like to tell you my opinion of these two sites.

I started using wordle and loved it, but it was hard to get the word cloud from wordle into a blog, power point, etc. or to print. They were cool and they had lots of options for color and style, but you had to take a screen shot of the wordle in order to work with it in other places.

Then I came across Tagxedo. SO MUCH BETTER! WHY? Couple of reasons.

# 1 – You can save your tagxedo word cloud as a jpeg from the website, wordle you can not.
# 2 – You can put URL’s of websites in the creator and have a website word cloud built.
# 3 – You can pick faces, animals, shapes, and build your word cloud in a heart for example. SO COOL! Wordle cannot do that either.

Butterfly Tagxedo

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